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SKU: 59865

This Moccamaster stainless steel thermal jug comes with two caps: 
1. A cap with a mixing tube for balanced coffee that you use during brewing. With this cap you can also pour coffee without having to unscrew the cap. 
2. A transport cap that you use to completely close the jug. 


  • Glass insulated thermal jug keeps coffee hot to 80° C for up to 3 hours
  • Design: has a stylish and modern design
  • Easy maintenance: easy to clean
  • Spout: pours more precisely, reducing the risk of spills
  • Taste: the glass inner bottle preserves the real taste of coffee
  • Sustainable upgrade: the new thermal jug compatible with the older KBGT and KBT models. So you don't have to switch to a new appliance
  • Improved features from previous model

    Double-walled stainless steel jug designed to hold brewed coffee at the perfect serving temperature of between 80°-85°C

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