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Wolfgang Hauck, the founder and head of ECM Manufacture Gmbh, has been active in the espresso machine for more than 25 years and was highly influential in the iinstitution of Italian espresso culture in Germany. Previously Hauck was, for many years, the exclusive importer of Italian espresso machines


ECM produces premium espresso machines and grinders for household and gastronomy. ECM has over 20 years of experience in the espresso business and manufactures quality machines. The product range includes accessories that will help you prepare coffee with ease. The ECM household line is manufactured in Milan, while the commerical line and grinders are manufactured in Germany. 

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Mechanika IV Profi


Technika V Profi PID





Vibiemme (VBM)

Carlo Ernesto Valente founded VBM in 1976, in Via Mauro Macchi, Milan. This was when VBM technicians and mechanics started making espresso coffee machines fitted with the VBM E61 dispensing unit, an evolution of the E61 but with enhanced thermal stability. Towards the end of the 70s, VBM started making machines for home use, creating the first domestic espresso machine in history: Domobar. Since then VBM has evolved to produce machines with modern design, advanced technologies and useful features to enhance user's coffee preparation experience for a quality cup of coffee.

VBM has designed three different lines to meet the needs of every barista: from those who want a simple but highly efficient machine, to those who prefer more technology and high performance. VBM home line is also designed for those who want to enjoy a professional espresso machine ar home.

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