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Stocks Availability



Ready Stocks

Items that have been indicated as "Ready Stocks in S'pore" means that we have existing stocks available in our warehouse, and we will fulfill your order confirmation with the delivery of the selected item from our inventory in Singapore.

Indent Order

For items with "Indent order" or "Pre-order" status, it means that there is no existing stocks for the item in our inventory/ warehouse in Singapore. We need to place an order with the manufacturer or supplier. 

Delivery Time

Delivery Time for Ready Stocks

We shall make effort to schedule for the earliest delivery, and subject to situations, for example peak season, delivery agents, holidays, and others, the delivery lead time may take up to a week.

Delivery Time for Indent Order/s

For Indent Orders, the delivery lead time significantly depends on the manufacturer's schedule. Recently we have experienced a waiting time of 8 weeks (just) for the product to be manufactured and ready for collection. Due to the situation as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, the manufacturer/s have expressed uncertainty over the availability of parts, which may further delay/lengthen the cargo readiness period.  

Shipping from Factory to Final Destination

By Airfreight, the appointed freight forwarder may take around a week for cargo collection from the factory, delivered to the origin airport, air freight to Singapore airport, completion of customs formalities and delivered to our designated warehouse, and finally delivered to the final destination to our customer

All deliveries shall be made during the weekend, week-day deliveries may be possible upon request, and subject to our schedule.

Delivery Costs


Accessories (non-electric appliances/items)

There shall be a minimum delivery charge of SGD10-15 per delivery, or at cost according to the delivery agent.

Equipment / Machine (electric appliance)

Delivery cost for electrical appliances is chargeable unless otherwise stated in the promotion or mareting campaign absorbed, and applicable for the first trip only. Any return or subsequent transportation required to the same address shall be charged at SGD 50, and services at $50 per labour, if required. We shall deliver and drop off the item/s at the designated location by the customer.

Equipment Inspection and Testing

Preparation of Equipment

As a dealer, we are to warrant the item to be in working condition, if we are allowed to unbox/unpack the shipment for exterior inspection for any defect, set up the machine and perform a few sample shots to assess the working condition of the item.

Delivery without prior Inspection or Testing

However, we provide the customer the option to receive the item or shipment intact, i.e. no unboxing or unpacking, inspection or sample testing before delivery. Should the customer choose this option, then the item may not be exchanged for a new one should there be any defect found since we are unable to ascertain the actual cause of the defect.


Under this circumstance, if we deem the defect not of the fault of the factory or any of our representative (delivery agent, or any third party/agent engaged by us), then we will not be responsible or accountable for the defect. 

Last update: 23-Aug-2020

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