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MOCCAMASTER KBGT 20 (Commercial)

MOCCAMASTER KBGT 20 (Commercial)

SKU: 89403

The KBGT20 with double thermal jug is very suitable for use in small offices, bars, restaurants and care homes. This filter coffee machine brews 20 cups (2x 1.25 L) within 6 minutes, 160 cups per hour. The left and right ‘brew group’ can be used independently of each other. Due to the refined pouring spout, you won't spill while pouring. Nice, isn't it? 

Thermal jug
The thermal jug has a glass inner bottle. This keeps a full pot of coffee warm up to 80°C for up to 3 hours! And after 8 hours, the temperature of the coffee is still about 50° C. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, from now on you can always enjoy a warm, tasty cup of coffee. A must-have for the real coffee drinker!


Dimensions: H 41 cm - W 39 cm - D 34 cm
Power: 2,900 W.
Power Cord: 135 cm
Coffee filter: size 4

  • Warranty

    2-year local warranty, carry-in.

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