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Beyond coffee

Helping you to make coffee easier and taste better. 

At Velvety Coffee we love coffee and appreciate it in a slightly different dimension - we share it with those around us, coffee connects us to people - not just an end in itself.

Espresso machine ECM, Ceado grinder, Moccamaster Coffee maker/ brewer

We serve those who are new to coffee brewing, coffee enthusiasts, small offices, cafes and homes. We provide coffee brew equipment (lease and sale) including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic coffee machines, and supply roasted beans.

get the best out of the beans; upgrade from capsule coffee

Barista Machines 

For households and enthusiasts

We carry simple, easy to use and master barista machines, you can learn the basics and do it well.


Our selection of ECM, CEADO and VBM machines enable you to make a great espresso or milk-based drinks without hassle. These small-footprint machines fits into tight kitchen top spaces easily, and produce drinks that are amazingly delicious.

Ceado grinders
ECM espresso machine
VBM Domobar Espresso Machine
ECM Puristika & S-64 Automatik Grinder Anthracite
Ceado E6P


Hot Brew Coffee 
Technivorm Moccamaster

A simple and effective way to bring out the flavours of the beans in a clear manner, and let you gain insight to the realm of flavourful coffee beans.


Try the hassle free, quick brew and proven technology, Technivorm Moccamaster KBG coffeemaker. Brewing temperature and water spread are perfectly designed to deliver smooth hot coffee, with less bitterness and astringency. 

IMG_2552 2.JPG 的副本.jpg

In 3 simple steps, you can brew the perfect cup of specialty coffee for yourself and family or friends at your home or office, with or without using the Hikaru app. Using precise behind the scenes algorithms and the industry proven Hario v60, Hikaru brews perfect cups to your taste, every time you use it.


You have full control with options of 10 levels of flow rate, brew temperature, and five different pour stages, including configuring wait time between each stage. Alternatively you can just select one of the Pre-set recipes for Light/Medium/Dark roasted beans.


Helping you along
ECM Espresso Machine
ECM Accessories

ECM, Italy manufacturers and selected suppliers user-friendly accessories make it easier for you to achieve the consistency in preparing your coffee. The ECM accessories are designed and made to fit the range of ECM equipment and they of the highest quality. 

freshly ground, not capsuled

Fully Automatic Machines

For households and small offices:

Incredibly easy to operate (one-touch) and deliver the ultimate coffee result. 

We are proud to be an authorised JURA coffee machine dealer in Singapore, supported by JURA-trained technical team.

Jura WE6
Jura WE8
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