Mechanika Slim V

Mechanika Slim V


Heat Exchanger System with Vibration Pump, Compact from the outside, wow from the inside. All-rounder in a compact design, use this to improve your barista skill.



  • Compact design with many features, small footprint on the kitchen table top.
  • PID display for the individual adjustment of the boiler temperature and the display of the brewing time for your espresso.
  • Elaborately manufactured, premium-quality stainless steel body.
  • High-quality ECM brew group with innovative stainless steel brew bell.
  • Large (2.2 l) premium-quality stainless steel boiler - less suspectible to rust compared to many other materials.
  • Easy access to the water tank due to removable cup warming tray.
  • Easy access to expansion valve for individual brewing pressure adjustment - you definitely want this if you change beans type frequently or once in a while, to extract the beans according to your taste preference.



Brew group type ECM Brew Group
Water tank approx. 2.8 l
Boiler volume approx. 2.2 l
Boiler material Stanless steel
Pump type Vibration
Pump pressure gauge Included
Removable Cup warmer tray Included


(width x depth x height)

25.0 x 44.5 x 39.5 cm


20.2 Kg