Casa V

Casa V


Keep it simple, with the smallest footprint in ECM Line  - Single Boiler System with Vibration Pump.


For those who just want a great cup of espresso, coffee or milk-based, most suitable for single/individual use.



  • Very compact size - fits into limited kitchen top space leaving more room to prepare coffee - like tamping the grounds, and a separate grinder, every inch counts in an urbanized apartment.
  • Extremely short heat-up phase (5-7 min), lets you get the morning coffee asap.
  • Ring brew group
  • High-quality brass boiler - heats up and maintains temperature quickly and remain stable, saves energy / electricity.
  • Easy access to expansion valve for individual brewing pressure adjustment - you definitely want this if you change beans type frequently or once in a while, to extract the beans at according to your taste preference.



Measurements (without portafilter, width x depth x height) : 21 x 37 x 38 cm

Weight: 14.0 Kg