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The Domobar Super Digit and Electonic have Double Boiler, whereas Super Analogue  is a Heat Exchanger.





Capacitive touchpad & OLED display


via Display

Coffee temperature adjustment


ECO mode



Double Boiler (Digit & Electronic) / HX (Analogue)

0.5 l (for coffee) & 2.0 l (for steam)

Group head

E61 (portafilter size 58mm diameter)

Pump motor

Gear (Digit/Electronic); Rotary (Analogue)


High Performance Steam

Powerful steam allows you to froth milk quickly, and recovers in time for the next drink.


Eco Mode

Reduce the machine temperature during idle period, this will greatly reduce energy wastage, and achieve savings on energy bills. 


OLED Display (Digital & Electronic version)

Simplfying usage with all adjustments made in a single and clear interface.


Synthetic Drip Tray

Best material for handling (light and easy), rounded corners avoid scratches, scratched-proof for dishwasher safe.


Drip Tray Overflow Indicator

A floater provides you indication of the water level, help prevent overflow situation.


Water Tank Level Sensor

A level sensor tracks the water level, and an LED light provides you signal when it’s time to fill up water tank.


Interchangeable Panels

To harmonize the Domobar Super with the color theme of its surroundings, you can choose from available different colored panels (note: one set of panel is provided with the new machine, additional panels are available at additional cost). These interchangeable panels are attached with magnets, so it is easy to remove and replace on the machine.


In the Box

You get a user manual, a blind filter basket for user daily maintenance, single and double sprout portafilter for making single/double shots respectively.


Technical details

  • Size: W 25cm, D 42cm, H 47cm
  • Weight:  33 Kg
  • Power: 600W (for Coffee) & 1,200W (for steam)
  • Voltage / Frequency: 240V / 50/60Hz
    S$4,200.00 Regular Price
    S$3,570.00Sale Price
    Color: Inox